June 21, 2012

Brighter Future To Begin

The design isn't as bad as I thought before. Thanks to the designer!

IXA 2011-2012. Gonna miss you all guys.

This was my invitation.
I'm finally out from the madness of JHS. I'm having my holiday right now, yet I'm not going to far places with my family.

'Ready For A Brighter Future'. Yes. I was thinking about going to another school for my Senior High School, but again, I was reminded that our success or achievement isn't covered by the school. As long as you're still enthusiastic about your future, you will gain your goal, no matter how bad your school is. To choose a good school that has good facilities is an option, of course. But still, a good school doesn't guarantee the future of ours. Tarakanita isn't a bad school, right? tee-hee.

Butter Sugar

Rainbow Cake and Blackforest. Can't stand of them! Good outside and inside somehow. ;)