December 25, 2011

Feliz navidad.

Two days ago, I looked someone wrote "does God exist?" as his personal message. I was surprised. I've never seen someone who asked the same yet before. I asked him what the point was when he put it as his status. He said "if They existed, it would have never been tribulations of life or poorness. Right?". I couldn't say anything, I couldn't reply. Then, before I went to bed, I prayed. Last night, I was brooding over what he said when suddenly my phone rang for a while. I saw there was one new blackberry messenger's message and it was a broadcast message from the one whose story I appreciate most. She is wise and often shares some stories to be learnt to readers. I read and.. I don't know how, He helped me answered those confusing questions with her message. Thanks God.
God gives you pain to make you learn how to be strong. He gives you a carelessness to make you wise. Now, I know, someone who has a lot of problems never comes to Him with their love. He helps you wherever and whenever you ask. Come to Him, trust me, He will help you. Be a good person. BE HIMSELF, that's the point. Stay positive, never give up, and always be grateful.

I wish you all will have great holidays at this Christmas. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS.

Christmas is not about Santa who gives us those presents, but it's all about Jesus who comes to the earth as the most beautiful present from heaven.
Merry Christmas, readers!
May  the spirit of Christmas be always in our heart, to remind us to be His light to bring peace and love. God bless you.

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