December 19, 2011

Become a new child.

Dear my dearest friend,
Sorry for this lately post. Actually I've made this when you were having your day.
Happy birthday, Vilda! Stay cool. We love you :*
Sincerely, your 'unyu' playmate, Selvi.


I went to Pasific Place with my two friends. I mean, we went to Kidzania, yes, place where there are so many kids play and run. Shame on me. I felt like the oldest 'child' who has ever come there. The day I came, it was very crowded untill we only tried as a surgeon and baker. I went with around 15 children, they were one of my friends' cousins, so I paid with a discount value. We had fun and took photos all the time. Check it out!



At Pasific Place.
With Bella's little brother.


Vilda said...


Selvi Lorraine said...

sama sama B-)

Herly said...

operasi ngeluarin apaan tuh? haha...
klo umurnya se ak gini masi boleh masuk n main2 gt gak sih? apa diusir kali yah?