December 17, 2011

Gift$ from God.

Doodle Fail. I made this with mouse so it looks horrible.
Hi! Good morning.
Thank God for the morning gifts, as we wake up in this beautiful morning (1), as we breathe (2), as we open our eyes (3), as we see and meet many people you love (4), as we are still protected by God (5), and another things you can do in the morning.
A week ago, my friends and I went to a place to stay together with. We stayed for a night and I love the place where we stayed. We followed the sessions, step by step. We had fun, new experiences, new friendships, and new lessons. But unfortunately, I was sick there. Aaah it was so bad, I hate the fact I was sick!
The one of the sessions is reflection. It was on the night after we finished the out-door games. We gathered as 5 people in a group. My group has two 9th grader (included me), two 8th grader, and one 7th grader. Each person have to share anything they wanted to or anything they remembered the most and better whether the story had something to be learnt. Thereafter, I asked them "do you know who any of our friends that doesn't come together with us here is? And do you know what the reason is?". They didn't say anything. I tried to make them know whom I meant without telling her name directly. I often saw her alone at school, but now she's getting better. I guess, she didn't join us because she thought she would be 'excluded' by her friends. I asked my friends "how do you feel if you were her? Lonely and nobody wants to make friend with you?". Not only her who has ever felt lonely like that. Me too, I have ever felt. If I'm not mistaken, it was like 3 years ago. And ughh, I don't want to be like that anymore.
Be mature. All I want for you is 'be friendly'. Spread your smile, greet them, take their hands, throw their sadness away, and make friendships as many as you can. Open your heart and never let someone else being alone.

"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."


So far, I bet you all have already seen a person who 'bad inside but good outside'. And I know, you must have seen someone who thinks they have right to judge others. I dislikes them who do, but I appreciate them who did. Nowadays, you may find a lot of people who do without think someone else's feeling. As well as that 'doodle fail' I post. To have a pretty box but there's nothing in, it doesn't mean anything. To have a good appearance but have a bad manner, it doesn't mean anything, too. Really, I don't get the point of judging each other.


Do you see those numbers? It's some of the gifts from God, even there are another things He gave. That's why I put $ on the title, it means sooo many things, like dollars! (?) :P
Now, I'm doing many jobs in my church. I work for him. I pray, but it's not because I need something, but because I’m ought to thank God about something. These some photos I want you to know. They are the gifts from God.

1. Vilda, Felis & Hanny.
2. Zsazsa & Bella.
3. Legioner.
4. Tarakanita Glee Club.
Huge thanks for God. I love you, all! :)


Ms.Black_rabbit said...

i'm a gift from God X3
gue emangterlalu keren B)

Selvi Lorraine said...

serba salah -_-